Reasons why Neymar wants to leave Barcelona

Neymar wants to leave Barcelona
Neymar wants to leave Barcelona; Photo: ESPN FC

Now it’s quite clear that Neymar wants to leave Barcelona. The announcement from Neymar was expected as rumors were spreading about his transfer lately. But, why he wants to leave FC Barcelona? Everyone is asking this question now. This question has become a million-dollar question among football fans nowadays. Here are some facts why Neymar Jr. took the decision to leave FC Barcelona.

Neymar has got nice skills in football. I was quite surprised when he signed to join FC Barcelona a few years back. In Barcelona, Leonel Messi is everything and all their game plan is Messi centric. Even, no other players have the same focus or market value as Messi has.  But, soon I figure out the reasons why Neymar joined Barcelona. He was clever enough to join Barcelona, I must say. The way Neymar plays, his skills and tactics suit best with FC Barcelona. Moreover, Barcelona has Leonel Messi. So, if Neymar does well in few games, then he will get coverage in the media alongside Messi. And, it all happened recently as we can see the comparison between Messi and Neymar in the media lately. Also, Neymar sharpened his skills in Barcelona which helped him to become even better.

Here comes the question. If Neymar became better in Barcelona, then why he wanted to leave the club? The answer is simple, he wants to get more attention and money, of course. We all know that FC Barcelona does not have enough money to hold two superstars at the same time. As Messi is their brand, so they can’t let him go even though he gets older. So, FC Barcelona has no choice than letting Neymar go. In PSG (Neymar’s new club), Neymar will get a record amount of salary each month. Also, he will receive other attractive facilities like a private jet for himself to travel. He will be the superstar there and will be the focus of the club and media as well. Another important point is security. If you are a star player of the club, then the club will do all the things to make you great. To explain it a bit, this could be helping Neymar to develop, talk to him about tactics in the field, and plan the game as he wants. This will ultimately benefit both Neymar and his new club PSG. Neymar will get more attention in the media, and lots of brands will try to make him their brand ambassador, which will increase his bank balance. Neymar knows well that this is the time to earn more money and he shouldn’t waste this opportunity. These are the reasons why Neymar wants to leave Barcelona.

Neymar wants to leave Barcelona
Neymar in one of the events; Photo:

Now let’s have a look what the club PSG will gain by taking Neymar to their club with such a record transfer fee. First, PSG will get a star player as they are looking for. This will help them to do well in the champions league. I guess they will buy few more star players soon. Also, PSG will get more focus in the media, can sell more t-shirts all over the world, and will be able to draw attention towards them. And, most importantly PSG has no money limitations like Barcelona as their owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi has sky limit to run the club. So, by considering all these factors from both sides, this transfer would be a nice one for PSG and Neymar will get more opportunities to make himself great. I support Neymar in this case and understand the feelings and reasons why Neymar wants to leave Barcelona.


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