Berries by Astrid – An amazing smoothie vending machine

Berries by Astrid
Berries by Astrid, Photo taken from Berries by Astrid official website

Can you imagine a vending machine at your workplace, university or at a shopping mall where you can select and get smoothie immediately just as like a coffee machine? Sounds strange enough? Yes, it’s possible to get a smoothie from a smoothie vending machine. “Berries by Astrid” made this possible.

Yes, it’s possible to get a smoothie from a smoothie vending machine. It’s all happening because of the brand called “Berries by Astrid”. This idea came from a researcher named Astrid when she was studying her Ph.D. in biomedicine at Lund University, Sweden. After completion of her Ph.D., she decided to continue with her business idea and the smoothie vending machine is out on the market now. It’s pretty simple to get a smoothie from this vending machine. You need to select the type of smoothie you want and pay using your card, and you will get your smoothie in minutes. It’s quick as like as having coffee from a coffee machine. Have a look the smoothie vending machine below. It looks cool! Right?

Berries by Astrid
Photo: Berries by Astrid

At the moment, they have three different types of smoothie that you can get from this vending machine. They are named as Skogen (the forest), Havet (the sea), and Trädgården (the garden). The Skogen type is made of plain yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, and bananas. The Havet type is made of plain yogurt,  sea buckthorn, mango, apple, and sea salt. And the third one, Trädgården is made of plain yogurt, strawberries, apples, red currant, and pear. Have a look at the picture below to see how it looks.

Skogen type smoothie - Berries by Astrid
Photo: Skogen type smoothie – Berries by Astrid

I was introduced to this amazing instant, ready-to-go, and fancy smoothie vending machine a few days ago when I visited my mentor at Aventure, Lund, Sweden. The company Aventure is working to promote this brand or kind of partnering this, so far I understood. Later, my mentor introduced me to this vending machine and let me taste one of the smoothies. It was really good. And, don’t worry about the price, it was reasonable as same as other smoothies.

You can read more about this product “Berring by Astrid” from their website


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