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Girlfriends review

This post is about Girlfriends review. Today I am going to write a short review about a movie I watched recently and this movie touched me a lot. The movie called “Girlfriends (閨蜜)” and it is about the friendship of three girls. It’s a Taiwanese-Chinese romantic-drama film directed by Wong Chun-Chun and starring Ivy Chen, Fiona Sit, Yang Zishan, Shawn Yue, Wallace Chung and Vanness Wu. The movie released on July 30, 2014. I bet you are going to love this movie.

The storyline: The movie is about three friends and their bonding. The movie starts when they graduate from college and starts their career. Friend A (the girl on the left in the image below) plays the role to hold the friendship among all three. She is a career oriented girl and loves to find new partners quite often. Friend B (the girl in the middle) is the kind family-orientated type and about to get married to her boyfriend, but later realized that her boyfriend cheated her. She became upset and lost interest to do daily things. Then the other two friends help her to overcome the situation. Afterward, the story moves to Friend C (the girl on the right) who is passionate to become a successful director in the entertainment industry. Friend A helps her to meet one of the popular directors in a get-together. And the story continues with lots of funny moments among three friends, their career, relationships and obviously their friendships.

Girlfriends review
Three friends (A, B and C) in the movie Girlfriends (電影)

Where to find this movie: Search this movie on YouTube with the name “2014電影#閨蜜-陳意涵、薛凱琪、楊子姍” or “Girlfriends 2014” and hopefully you will find this movie with English subtitles. Also, you can find the movie directly from this link as well. Actually, this is the place where I found the movie with English subtitle.

We hope this post of Girlfriends review will help you to find a nice movie. If you like the movie, please feel free to leave a comment here and recommend your friend as well.


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