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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Photo: Systembolaget, photo from: https://jkpgnews.se

Swedish alcohol policy

The Swedes do have an alcohol problem. It's so expensive that no-one can afford it. How can anyone afford to get drunk, let alone...
Step by step guide to apply for master’s studies and SI scholarship in Sweden

Introducing Sweden in a funny way

This page is dedicated to my friends in Sweden. And for those who do not live in Sweden, I hope that this helps in...

Dublin – A Hidden Gem on the River Liffey

 The cosmopolitan city of Dublin is a mixed hive of traditional Irish countryside streets and modern architectures, with hipster pubs, fancy restaurants and vintage...
step by step procedure to apply for Singapore VISA

Step by step procedure to apply for Singapore VISA

Singapore, one of the most exciting places to visit in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a nice combination of both eastern and western culture, values,...