Never Lose Hope

Never lose hope
Never lose hope! Hope is the only motivation to keep you going and guide you to follow the right way towards your future career. Let me share the story of my brother’s life (without his permission, but I don’t think he would mind). When he was in grade five, he used to study in a local school. So, in order to climb on to the social ladder, as it happens, my parents forced him to take admission tests in two well-known schools in the city. In one of the tests, he got 4 out of 100 in math. So, getting admitted into a good school was totally out of question. On the next year, he gave admission test where somehow he could show his ‘talent’ and get into the best school in the city which nobody expected that he was capable of even cut the grass of!
Anyway, in his SSC, he got CGPA 4.5 out of 5.0 which is pretty bad given the extent of competition. He didn’t get a chance anywhere. Only one college took an admission test and he came as 7th in the merit list there, it was St. Joseph College. In his HSC, he managed to score the shittiest result that any of our family could ever get, 4.20! Again, he could apply nowhere in Bangladesh. My father even thought of admitting him to a physiotherapy school (with due respect), as he needed to earn money somehow in the future which rather seemed dull at that point.
But my brother gave his IELTS and got into a University in Sweden where my father did not have to pay any tuition fee. Then he graduated in 3 years. Now, he went for studying abroad again and this time he is doing his Ph.D. in South Korea. He has multiple publications and he is not even 24!
My point of this long introduction is, life is too unpredictable and shit happens. Life is uncertain and it’s possible to not know what’s coming up next. Life is too big and has a lot to offer beyond our imagination. So, please don’t think of ending it if it gives you a lemon and the world doesn’t even offer you the chance to make those into lemonade. Just keep the faith and the passion up, you will make it. Just don’t end it before it’s already time. You’re only gonna hurt the ones who love you the most. Even though they don’t show it, they love you, they sure do.
It’s for the ones like the boy I read about today in the newspaper who committed suicide for not getting GPA 5 in his SSC. Please, it’s not worth it. Life gets better, trust me!


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