Top 5 Reasons to Start a Blog on GreenGeeks using WordPress

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review. Image from:
GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review. Image from:

I assume quite many of us like to post articles/opinions on social media; but, have you ever noticed that you don’t get anything in return except for a few likes or comments? You used your skill and invest your time to write that post, so why not post it on your own blog and then share the link on social media? By doing so, you will make sure that you completely own your writing (and not social media), and there might be an option to earn some extra money from your post someday! And, to start your own blog, GreenGeeks is one of the best providers out in the market you can rely on. Here in this post, we will go through the top 5 reasons to start your blog on GreenGeeks using WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a user-friendly tool (i.e. content management system) that provides you the opportunity to run your own blog without knowing any programming language. Moreover, there are thousands of nice themes (i.e. website designs/templates), both free and paid, are available out in the market that you can pick to customize your blog the way you want; and, all you can do in a few clicks and without zero programming knowledge.

Top 5 reasons to start your blog on GreenGeeks using WordPress

  1. Budget-friendly: GreenGeeks provides budget-friendly packages both for beginners and advanced bloggers. For example, GreenGeeks offers $2.95/month for WordPress hosting. And, you can pay for 3 years at once with this lowest possible rate available in the market. Use this reference or just click on this link to get this discounted offer. Apart from this fee for WordPress hosting, all you need to buy your domain (blog/website URL) which costs very little and usually within the range of $5-10/year.
  2. Fast, secure, and reliable WordPress hosting provider: GreenGeeks provides fast, secure, and reliable WordPress hosting. For example, this Candor Blog is hosted on GreenGeeks, and we are happy with their service. You might consider reading this article: GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review – The best web hosting provider to host your website to get an overview of their services. Also, you can visit the Candor Blog website as many time as you want to check the page load (i.e. how fast the page of a website loads) to verify that GreenGeeks actually do provide fast web hosting.
  3. User-friendly control panel: GreenGeeks has a user-friendly control panel that provides all the options you need to start your WordPress blog. For example, they have options to install WordPress just in a few clicks. Also, it’s so easy to follow instructions given on their control panel (i.e. c-panel) and do things you need. It’s simply too easy to follow.
  4. Excellent support team available 24/7: One thing for sure is that you won’t need to contact their support team that often, simply because their hosting is all the time up and running smoothly. However, in case you need help, their experienced support team is available 24/7 to help you via all possible means e.g. chat, email, phone calls etc. They are efficient and knows how to solve issues quickly. From our experience, the only time we needed their support was the time when we switched our Candor Blog from another hosting provider to GreenGeeks, and it was super quick – all we needed to do was to sign up for a hosting plan with our domain and request them to transfer our contents to GreenGeeks.
  5. Possibility to earn some money with their Affiliate Program: Another reason you should consider GreenGeeks is their Affiliate Program. This allows you to advertise some of their contents or banners you like on your blog and earn some extra money. Also, GreenGeeks offers their customer to write reviews based on their experience with GreenGeeks (which I think is the best way to know about a hosting provider), and GreenGeeks usually reward their customers for their genuine reviews. You are not forced to write reviews/post based on GreenGeeks‘s interest, you can write it from your own experience (so you are not selling yourself!). This is simply awesome.


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