The Swedish Theory of Love – A must-watch movie to know Swedish Culture


“The Swedish Theory of Love” is kind of documentary film describing what Swedish society and culture looks like. If you an international citizen either already living here and trying to figure out how the Swedish society and culture works or planning to move to Sweden for higher-studies or for a job, this 65-minutes long movie is worth to watch. I can assure you that after watching this movie, you will stop complaining about Swedish society or Swedish culture. I read a few comments from native Swedish saying that it’s a true visualization of Swedish society. You will find the full review and trailer of this movie/documentary here.

Internationally Sweden is known as one of the best Scandinavian countries to live. Moreover, Sweden is known as a perfect society, a raw model in terms of gender equality and a symbol of the highest achievements of human progress. The movie “The Swedish Theory of Love” digs into the true nature of Swedish lifestyle, explores the existential grey sides of a society that has created the most autonomous people in the world.

The Swedish theory of love
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Below are a few links to the movie. It is highly recommended for international citizens, either planning to move to Sweden or already living here for a job or study purpose, to spend 65-minutes of their valuable time and watch this. It’s worth watching.

You can consider reading the review and trailer of this movie here.

Link to the original movie (link valid until 18th of July 2018): SVT Play TV channel

Link to Youtube (requires 29 SEK to pay): Watch on Youtube

Link to Youtube (free, uploaded by some random user): Watch on Youtube


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