Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) 2018

Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) 2018
Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) 2018

Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) is considered as the largest half marathon in the world. The half marathon started in 1980 and since then more than 1.4 million, both professional and amateur, have runners participated in this race. This year it was held on 19th May 2018 in Gothenburg city, Sweden and more than 60,000 participants registered for this event. Here is a short video clip of Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) 2018.

Shadrack Kimining (Kenya) and Meseret Belete Tola (Ethiopia) won the Gothenburg half marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) 2018 in the men’s and women’s side, respectively. Shadrack Kimining finished the race with a timing of 01:01:31 on the men’s side. The 17 years old Meseret Belete Tola finished her race with a timing of 01:09:06, which is the 7th fastest timing in the Gothenburg Half Marathon 2018 (Göteborgsvarvet 2018) on women’s side. Find the detailed results of Gothenburg Half Marathon 2018 (Göteborgsvarvet 2018) on the official website of Göteborgsvarvet.

Apart from the race, there was some music for the viewer/audience as well. Below is a short video clip of one of the stage performances from Götaplatsen point. You will find more video clips of Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) 2018 on our YouTube channel. The weather was really nice here in Gothenburg on the day of the marathon and everyone enjoyed the event a lot (just have a look at our young volunteers and see how much fun they have during the race).

Are you interested to participate this event next year? Get ready, start training yourself for Gothenburg Half Marathon 2019 (Göteborgsvarvet 2019) from now onwards. The race is open for both professional and amateur runner, so if you are interested to try this race and enjoy the lovely summer in Sweden, register for Gothenburg Half Marathon 2019 (Göteborgsvarvet 2019) here. The registration finishes on May 17, 2019, and the race will take place on May 18, 2019, in Gothenburg city. The total distance for the race next year will be 21.1 Km. Read more about Gothenburg Half Marathon (Göteborgsvarvet) on their official website.


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