Chalmers Cortège 2018


If you missed the Chalmers Cortège 2018 due to rain or for some other reasons, here are the highlights of the event that took place on 30th April 2018. Enjoy this 20-minutes long highlights of the carnival.

The Chalmers Cortège (Swedish: Cortègen) is an annual carnival parade held on Walpurgis Night (30 April); organized by students of the Chalmers University of Technology. It has been running since 1909 and became a tradition in this city. This Cortège consisted of around 50 truck carriages and around 500 students. Each truck carriage symbolized the significant events (both national in international) happened since the previous parade. All these events were presented in a sarcastic and comic way. It was really enjoyable and fun to watch this carnival. The parade started from Chalmers Johanneberg campus, goes through the city centre and ends at Chalmers Johanneberg campus again.


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