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Best universities in Sweden

Best universities in Sweden based on QS and Times Higher Education Ranking

Sweden is home to a few world-renowned top universities in the world. One of the main reasons why Swedish universities ranked among the top...
Photo: Step by step guide to applying for master’s study and SI scholarship in Sweden, photo from disabilitycarecenter.org

Step by step guide to applying for master’s study and scholarship in Sweden

Before you start following these step by step procedures, it’s good to know a bit about Sweden, Swedish universities and their ranking, and Swedish...
Step by step guide to apply for master’s studies and SI scholarship in Sweden

Introducing Sweden in a funny way

This page is dedicated to my friends in Sweden. And for those who do not live in Sweden, I hope that this helps in...
Berries by Astrid

Berries by Astrid – An amazing smoothie vending machine

Can you imagine a vending machine at your workplace, university or at a shopping mall where you can select and get smoothie immediately just...

Let it Go instrumental – Live performance in Nordstan, Göteborg, Sweden

It was last Sunday, 28th of May to be specific, I was walking around in the Nordstan, Gothenburg Central Station, Sweden when I noticed...