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Monday, April 22, 2024

A Half-Day Escape from City Life in Singapore

The city life in Singapore is fast-paced and dynamic but still every now and then you'd gain the feeling to escape from the hustle...
Continuous Learning - The Key to Success, Photo from blog.anderspink.com

Continuous Learning – The Key to Success

Can you imagine losing your job after a few years? Do you have this fear that someday someone else, better than you, might take...

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit was originally called pitaya, because of the scales on its body. It is a beautiful fruit with an intense color and shape...

Celebrating Swedish Midsummer Abroad

Alicia Vikander is showing Jimmy Fallon how to do the famous "frog dance" in the show "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". Midsummer, also known...

Online versus real life!

Virtual media versus real life! Do you ever put this into your thought of how you are behaving on social media and how you...